In this interconnected world, how do we connect our people?
Can we create a system that is light and simple to assemble?
Can we create a versatile system that we can reconfigure at any time?

The bright idea
The way we interact in the office is changing fast. Great ideas aren’t created in austere boardrooms. Clever solutions can’t wait for formal meetings. The best interactions happen spontaneously, great ideas happen when inspired people swap ideas. Modern companies understand that informal meeting areas are where their bright young things get together to create bright ideas. An area that is relaxed and comfortable. lgloo is our solution.

World-class ideas
We’ve had a long list of great ideas that needed clear thought and innovative solutions. So our best brains got together to find clever ways to bring these ideas a little closer to production.

World-class production team
We then put together our World-class product development team. And combined them with our manufacturing, marketing, logistics, quality control and environmental standards specialists. The result is an innovative new product that is ready to take on the World.

The result is a GameChanger: Nest
lnspiring systems for creating, writing, meeting, dreaming and working. All of them environmentally smart. All of them proudly conceived and manufactured in South Africa. Our ambition is to be the number one choice tor thinking people who want to work in a better World. Please join us.


COM – please add your fabric
Fabric required – 9m + insert colour 1.8m
Fully Upholstered in Home Fabrics Fiji
Fabric included – 9m + insert colour 1.8m

Seat Cushion 1.65m, Back Cushion 1.5m, Ridgid Surround top, bottom & base 6.7m, Ridgid Surround insert strip 1.8m
Optional Add-ons: Blade Duo 3 pin & Compact plus 2xUSB charging

Laptop tableBCT1460390695


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